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Be inspired and empowered to introduce positive lifestyle routines and habits as you’re gently guided through 12 simple lifestyle edits: from food and water waste, recycling and composting, to exposure to common toxins in body care and cleaning products, and more. The little edits you’ll implement and the enlightenment you’ll experience as you work through this book will leave you feeling like a thriving, healthy, earth-loving warrior. The Lifestyle Edit is the perfect hand to hold on your journey towards a natural, sustainable and eco-conscious life.


  • Western Australian author
  • Suitable for everyone from thos new to sustainable living to those who have been on the journey for a while
  • Suggestions and recipes that are easy to follow
  • Tried and tested

Waste Credentials

This book is full of practical suggestions and encouragement for anyone wanting to live more sustainably.

Printed in Australia on FSC certified paper.


100 page spiral bound book, with over 11 recipes (1st Edition spiral bound)


Western Australian author
Printed in Australia
Krissy Ballinger


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