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LastSwab provides an eco friendly alternative to the many uses of single use q tips without the large environmental footprint.

This reusable q tip comes in two different models for different applications. One for general q tip uses and one for more beauty oriented ones. They are both made from durable yet flexible, high quality, and non-toxic materials which are gentle on the skin and very easy to clean.

Both LastSwab Original and LastSwab Beauty come with a convenient and biodegradable carrying case that keeps your reusable q tip stored away safely.

LastSwab, above all, is an opportunity to transform our routines for the benefit of the planet while also simplifying and decluttering our lives. All that is left to do is decide which LastSwab version will add value, which may end up being both!


  • Reusable up to 1000 times
  • Easy to clean with soap and warm water
  • Corn-based carry case

Waste Credentials

One LastSwab bud can replace up to 1000 disposable cotton buds.



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Dolphin Turquoise, Krill Peach, Penguin Black, Polar Bear White, Sea Fan Red, Sea Turtle Green, Whale Blue


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